Introduction to 3D Printing

Sat 20 May, 9am

Cost: $25


Introduction to Laser Etching

Sat 20 May, 11am


Drop-in Lab

Sat 20 May, 12pm

Tue 23 May, 12pm

Wed 24 May, 12pm

Cost: Free


3D Printing for the Creative Industries

Mon 22 May, 5pm

Tue 23 May, 4pm

Wed 24 May, 4pm

Cost: Free


How to Digitally Fabricate Your Own Merchandise

Mon 22 May, 4pm

Cost: Free


Introduction to Laser Etching and Cutting

Tue 23 May, 5pm

Cost: Free


School Program: Introduction to Digital Fabrications

Tue 23 May, 9am

Tue 23 May, 10am

Tue 23 May, 11am

Wed 24 May, 9am

Wed 24 May, 10am

Wed 24 May, 11am