• Pumphouse School of Design (map)
  • 24 Greenway Street
  • Newcastle, NSW
  • Australia

Part 1.

Design Thinking has been around since the 60's. The concept invites customer centricity to be integral to business operations. Find a pain point? Ideate a solution. Build you prototype, test it, change it and go to market.

Christina Gerakiteys.jpeg

Creativity and innovation catalyst, Christina Gerakiteys, will introduce you to (or remind you of) Design Thinking concepts, provide you with a couple of 'maps' and case studies, and suggest how it can be embedded into your ideation, product and service development practices.

Part 2.

Prototyping is an integral part of the making and manufacturing process and is the first stage in taking something from thought bubble to tangible product. Prototyping is not a new concept but in a world of rapid change, the way we do it has seen a need for acceleration.

Enter Rapid Prototyping.


Industrial design expert and principal of Design Anthology, Josh Jeffress will give us an up-close look at what Rapid Prototyping looks like. Ideas to reality, concept to product and the role rapid prototyping plays in this process - we will cover it here. Joshua Jeffress will share his extensive experience in rapid development and prototyping of Products.

Martin McKenzie.jpeg

Martin McKenzie, Innovations Manager at Ignite Alliance, is an expert on funding sources. What are your options after you have your operating prototype? What IP and patents are required? What assistance is available for research and Development? He holds all the answers! And if he doesn't, he sure knows where to find them!